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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play correspondence chess on gameknot?

Welcome to GameKnot ! You can play both correspondence chess (also called turn-based chess) and real-time chess (or Blitz chess) on GameKnot.

Where can I play chess online for free?

I don't think I've found any as good! GameKnot — there is no better place to play chess online for free! Live and correspondence chess games, free online chess games database, monthly chess tournaments, chess puzzles and chess tactics, play online chess and more!

Is gameknot the best chessboard interface?

kingdawar: GameKnot has simply built the most rock solid Chessboard interface. ph014: being a "non-technician" I marvel how you compile so many complicated features and weave them into such a successful product for us to enjoy. tulkus: love the new tactics feature...It's really improving my game.

What are the different types of online chess games?

We offer many different forms of competition — Chess Tournaments, Chess Teams, Chess League, Chess Ladder, Chess Mini-Tournaments — and also many advanced chess resources and tools to help you improve your online chess skills — Chess Tactics, Chess Puzzles, Chess Games Database and more. Play chess online and enjoy your free online chess games!

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