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Frequently Asked Questions

How many visitation rooms does the Frisco funeral home have?

Widely recognized for our unmatched personal service, our Frisco location has two visitation rooms with Chapel seating for 150 persons. It is located just a few miles south of Ridgeview West Memorial Park and the historic Old Bethel Cemetery in Frisco.

What services does funerallancaster funeral and cremation services offer?

Lancaster Funeral and Cremation Services / First... As typical in funeral service, some after hours phone coverage and situational physical response will be needed. Microsoft Office: 1 year (Preferred). More... § Removes and transports deceased from home or hospital to funeral home.

Why choose our funeral home in Texas?

From our funeral home, visitors can watch hundreds of grazing cattle and catch a glimpse of Texas days gone by. Built with a range of modern amenities for 21st-century families, our well-appointed funeral home has a large contemporary chapel with flexible seating and the ability to cater events large and small.

What does a funeral home mechanic do?

May wash and clean funeral home vehicles and other client vehicles as required from time to time. Other general duties include meeting the general public,… More... Sales and industry experience is preferred but not required.

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