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Frequently Asked Questions

What funeral flowers should I send?

The type of flowers you choose will depend on who has passed and your connection with them: Lilies are a traditional funeral flower and are always appropriate Roses are common flowers for funerals and come in a variety of colors for every funeral style Gladioli make wonderful standing fan sprays and are a traditional funeral flower More items...

Where to send flowers for a funeral?

Sending flowers in memory of the deceased to the funeral home is a thoughtful way to demonstrate your bereavement and support of the family. Choose to send a standing floral spray to be displayed near the casket, or a tasteful funeral bouquet or plant to be placed at the foot of the altar.

Where to buy funeral flowers?

To buy your flowers, visit a local florist or search online if you’re busy. Unless the family have a preference, you can send them to either the funeral home or their family home. For more tips, including how to choose flowers for different religious funerals, read on.

What flowers are appropriate for memorial service?

When tastefully arranged, every flower expresses sympathy in an appropriate manner. That said, large flowers used to create dramatic tributes are best for memorial or funeral services. Consider sending lilies, snapdragons, gladioli, chrysanthemums, carnations, or roses.

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