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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ten facts about ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee 1. Ultimate can be played outdoors, indoors or on sand. 2. It has three divisions: Open, Women’s and Mixed. 3. All you need for a game is: 1 disc, 8 cones and between 10 and 14 friends. 4. The standard outdoor Ultimate pitch is rectangular, 100 metres long and 37 metres wide

What is the history of the Frisbee?

the International Frisbee Association is founded Who invented ultimate frisbee and when? in 1969 high school students in Maplewood, New Jersey in- vented Ultimate Frisbee When and what was the first reward for Ultimate Frisbee? in 1986 the Cub Scouts introduced a activity badge for particpation in Ultimate

What is the origin of the word Frisbee?

Walter Morrison invented the concept of what would come to be known as the Frisbee. The rights to his flying disc concept were obtained by Wham-O in 1957 and they coined the name Frisbee for it. The name was based on a defunct Connecticut pie company, the Frisbie Pie Co.

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