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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly out of Trenton?

There are lots of domestic flights from Trenton (TTN). 11 airports in United States have direct flights from the airport. All direct flights from Trenton to Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Fort Myers, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Raleigh / Durham, Tampa and West Palm Beach are operated by Frontier Airlines.

Does Frontier fly to Trenton-Mercer Airport?

Frontier Airlines now serving Trenton-Mercer Airport with regular non-stop service to: *Indicates seasonal destination. Check with airline for specific dates of travel. For reservations or further information, contact them on the web at, or by phone at 801-401-9000.

How many Airbus planes are on order at Trenton-Mercer Airport?

With more than 230 new Airbus planes on order, Frontier will continue to grow to deliver on the mission of providing affordable travel across America. Trenton-Mercer Airport is a Mercer County-owned public airport in Ewing, New Jersey, with commercial airline service and general aviation facilities.

What airports are closest to Trenton (TTN)?

Below you can find a list of alternative airports to Trenton (TTN). The nearest airports to Trenton (TTN) are Philadelphia (PHL) and Allentown (ABE).

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