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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a professional award certificate?

With the help of our templates, you can create professional award certificates for achievement, appreciation, honor, diploma, marit and many more of other types. You can edit any template by using Microsoft Word and print unlimited copies.

How to create a blank Award template?

How to create a blank award template 1 Select the certificate border you would like to use. 2 Click on the text box. 3 On the bottom left, you will see a trash can. Click on it to delete the text box. More ...

Are award certificate templates worth buying?

Award certificate templates look excellent when they are made as most of the time they are designed and formatted with the help of professional template creators. So if you are going to choose a proper award certificate template for your purposes, it is always advisable for you to opt for these professional services.

Where can I find free certificate templates?

Welcome to Awardbox free certificate templates. There are hundreds of designs to choose from with simple changeable themes and editable text. Editing is carried out online here and then you can download a file to your hard drive for printing or social media.

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