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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an FNF skin for OSU?

I made an FNF skin for osu! Standard, Mania, Taiko, and Catch. DOWNLOAD IT HERE! (P.S. Copy and Paste the Taiko folder into your skin folder and enable "Use Taiko skin for Taiko mode in osu! itself.) credits to swiftarcticfox, saltssaumure for helping get the skin working, and making the mania elements, respectively.

What keymodes use full and mini arrows?

1K-8K keymodes use the full size arrows. If you were to fullscreen FNF on a 1080p monitor, this is how the arrows would look. 9K and higher keymodes use mini arrows due to space restrictions. Close to default windows resolution FNF arrow size. All keymodes, 1K-18K, use mini arrows.

What's new in Osu mania?

Added circle style osu!mania keys. Cleaned up a few file names for clarity. Every download contains all ten Skin.ini files in the alternative-files folder, so if you'd prefer to save space you don't need to download all ten .osk s to try out every version.

What's left to add to OSU?

All that's left to do is add some cosmetic features: Add combobursts (ideas are welcome!) Redo osu!standard numbers. What's in this update?

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