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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for fluted?

See more synonyms for fluted on adjective. fine, clear, and mellow; flutelike: fluted notes. having flutes, grooves, or the like: a fluted column; fluted material; fluted stone tools.

Is fluting a good idea?

Victoria Spencer-Eves of VEVES interior design says: 'Fluting is a fantastic way to add texture and depth to an interior, without adding an obvious pattern or ornamentation which could date quickly. For our project, The Art House, we applied fluting to the lower kitchen doors, which balanced out the double height space.

Is fluting and reeding the future of joinery?

Emily Bizley, of Studio Bizley, says: 'The current trend for fluting and reeding is a bit of a nod to the elegance of a bygone age ('30s Art Deco) but its current popularity is made possible by modern manufacturing techniques like CNC cutting – say, for fluting and reeding used to articulate surfaces on joinery.

Is a fluted barrel better than a non-fluted barrel?

Fluting (firearms) However, for a given diameter, while a fluted barrel may cool more quickly, a non-fluted barrel will be stiffer and be able to absorb a larger amount of total heat at the price of additional total weight.

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