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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn the flute scale?

Trevor Wye has also written a series of books that will "walk you through" all possible flute scales for exams. Start with "Practice Books for the Flute (vol. 1 through 5 all one volume)" in the OMNIBUS edition. It's about $40 but it's fabulous.

What are the exercises for flute?

Each set of exercises relates to a particular piece. Two of the pieces are on the current flute syllabus: the traditional Irish The Rakes o’ Mallow ( Grade 1 List A) and Whistlin’ by Dave Stapleton ( Grade 3 List B).

What are some examples of technical flute warm ups?

Some examples of technical flute warm ups include running through your scales, arpeggios, etc. I’ve written out a few basic exercises that can serve as potential flute warm ups. Keep in mind, these are just examples; a template to help you plan your own warm up routine.

How to practice scales?

Scales are the most basic building blocks in music. That's why it is a good idea to take the time to practice them thoroughly. But be careful: don't rush! Practice really needs time. Start playing slowly and strive for accuracy. Only when you've succeded in playing exactly and evenly all the notes of a scale you should start increasing speed.

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