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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many African flags?

When most African countries started to gain independence from their colonial powers in 1960's, they got inspiration to their country flags from Ethiopian flag - the only country in Africa, which was not colonized at the end of 19th century. That's why there are so many flags with green, yellow and red colors. Devvik2.

What is the flag of the African Union?

Flag of the African Union. The flag of the African Union is a green flag with the dark green map of the African continent on a white sun, surrounded by a circle of 53 5-pointed gold (yellow) stars. 1945 –. Flag of the Arab League.

What is the largest country in Africa?

With a population of over 170 million and growing, Nigeria is the largest of the countries. Using this free map quiz game, you can learn about Nigeria and 54 other African countries. You might be surprised how many you don’t get right on the first try, but use this online Africa map quiz to study and you will improve.

What is the flag of the East African Community?

Flag of the East African Community. 2011 –. Flag of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. The flag of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is white with a green crescent and globe, with the Kaaba at the center of the globe.

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