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How many college football teams are in the CFP top 25?

College Football Playoff rankings: Georgia, Alabama head first release Since the start of the College Football Playoff with the 2014 season, 76 teams have been ranked at least once in the CFP Top 25 poll. But a few have hoarded rankings spots more than others going into the 2021 college football season.

Which CFP schools have won the most national championships?

Of the six schools to reach No. 1 at any point, four have won a CFP national title: Alabama, Clemson, LSU and Ohio State. But those No. 1 ranks during the season don't mean success by season's end. The Buckeyes' three trips at the top spot all happened in 2019 — yet OSU won its CFP crown in 2014, when it never got higher than fourth.

Who has won the most national championships by a college football coach?

The win gave Alabama head coach Nick Saban his seventh national championship, breaking the record for the most by a Division I college football coach. The record was previously held by Bear Bryant, who won six titles while at Alabama from 1958 to 1982. [6] [a]

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