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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Russia doing to ensure Sweden and Finland's security?

Peskov warned Tuesday that Russia has plans in place to ensure the country’s security in light of Sweden and Finland nearing NATO membership. Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images The signing off on Sweden and Finland's accession protocols at NATO headquarters means their membership bids will now be sent for legislative approval.

Why did Russia cut off its power supply to Finland?

The country's power supply from Russia was cut off on Saturday. Russia's energy suppliers said the cut-off was due to unpaid funds. Russian energy supplier RAO Nordic Oy, cut off energy supplies to Finland as the country announces its plans to to apply for NATO membership in the next few days, AFP reported.

When will Finland phase out its dependence on Russian gas?

“Finland will permanently phase out its dependency on Russian gas and will greatly improve society’s security of supply,” said Gasgrid Finland CEO Olli Sipilä. ”The aim is that the terminal’s customers will begin to distribute gas to meet the needs of Finnish industry, energy production and households from mid-January 2023 onwards.”

Will Russia retaliate if Finland joins NATO?

Russia has slammed Finland’s plans to apply to join NATO imminently, claiming it would “be forced” to retaliate if the long-neutral country joined the military alliance. “Finland joining NATO is a radical change in the country’s foreign policy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Thursday.

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