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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get icon swap tokens in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Icon Swap tokens can be redeemed by completing a set of tasks that players can find in the Milestones section of FIFA Ultimate Team. YOUR BEST PICKS FOR ICON SWAPS 2! #FIFA22 ULTIMATE TEAM FUT players can collect up to nine Icon Swap tokens before the ongoing season of FIFA 22 ends.

How many SBCs are there in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 has opened a sort of Pandora's box with the introduction of the Icon Swaps 1 program that contains 16 SBCs, which players can complete as per their liking. The SBCs which have been released are quite different from typical SBCs. Unlike traditional FIFA 22 SBCs, players will need Icon Swaps to complete the SBCs.

What are icons swaps?

Icons Swaps are basically EA’s way of giving you free icons and all you need to do is grind for you life. Complete the objectives they drop and get Icon Swap tokens. Then exchange these tokens for equivalent rewards. More the number of token required better will be the reward. Or is it? Well lets find out : Which Combinations to choose ?

What SBCs are available in icon swaps ii?

Similar SBCs like 92+ Prime Icon Pack and the Mid or Prime Player Pick are also available as part of Icon Swaps II. However, the 91+ Mid or Prime Icon Pack is far more lucrative, with less risk of receiving an unfavorable reward. One of the most cost-effective SBCs from Icon Swaps II is the Prime Icon variant of Xavi Hernandez.

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