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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fastweb?

Il nuovo spazio online di Fastweb dedicato alla conoscenza, formazione, informazione e ispirazione nel mondo digitale. Abbonati parlando gratis con un nostro esperto. Per essere sempre connessi e premiarti in modo semplice e personalizzato. Non sei ancora cliente?

How do I use the Fastweb college scholarships app?

Use the Fastweb College Scholarships app to easily manage your scholarship list and decide which scholarships you’re interested in applying for via your mobile device. Simply swipe right to tag scholarships you’re interested in or swipe left to ignore scholarships you’re not interested in.

What is Fastweb's triple-play offer?

By implementing the internet protocol on its alternative fiber-optic network, Fastweb provides a Triple-Play Offer of landline, internet and television services, available simultaneously on a single connection, for residential and business clients. Today Fastweb's fiber-optic network is the most extended in Europe .

Is Fastweb delisted from Borsa Italiana?

Therefore, Fastweb has been delisted from Borsa Italiana . Since its founding Fastweb has invested over €5 billion in a next-generation fiber-optic network spanning more than 32,000 km (20,000 mi).

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