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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Fall Guys server not working?

The Fall Guys servers are experiencing too much traffic which is causing errors like the 'Failed to Login' issue, but there are ways to fix it. The 'Failed to Login' error has become a common issue for many Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout players, but there are a few ways they can attempt to manually fix the problem.

Why can’t i log in to fall guys on PC?

If you’re using PC, PS4/PS5, or Xbox, it means that the Fall Guys’ servers are full and you won’t be able to log in. To fix this, you can either try verifying the game files, logging out and into Epic Games, or flushing your DNS. Otherwise, you need to wait for some time before trying to log in. Press the home button.

How do I verify my fall guys account?

Scroll to the right and select “System Settings”. Scroll down and select “System”. Scroll down and select “Date and Time”. Turn on “Synchronize Clock via Internet”. Open the Epic Games Launcher. Click on “Library”. Search for “Fall Guys”. Click on the three dots. Click on “Verify”. Open the Epic Games launcher. Click on your profile icon.

Is there a 'failed to login check your connection' error?

One of the most common issues we’ve encountered is the ‘failed to login, check your connection’ error. The Fall Guys developers already acknowledged the bugs, but some players are saying that the ‘failed to login’ issue still persists. So, for those who want to fix it themselves, here are some things you can try to resolve it.

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