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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HC stand for?

Huntington's Chorea (hereditary progressive neurodegenerative disorder) HC Hwa Chong HC Hydraulic Conductivity HC Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan) HC High Cube (shipping container) HC Helicopter Combat Support Squadron HC Hague Convention HC Hope College (Holland, MI, USA)

Who is HCC foods?

Founded in 1987 as a local distributor, H.C. Foods Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the largest Asian foodstuff Importer/Distributor in California.

What is the difference between HCC and HCC?

Health Circular  Healthcare Commission (HCC is generally preferred) healthy children healthy control heavy chain helper cell Hemocult heparin cofactor hepatitis C hepatocellular Hickman catheter

What is HCHC smoke and when was it used?

HC smoke began to be used more often by federal forces during Operation Diligent Valor.

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