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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Facebook Marketplace shipping scam?

On Facebook Marketplace, shipping doesn’t exist, and scammers are aware that most amateur sellers don’t know how it works. In this scam, a fake buyer will pledge to purchase a relatively high-value item and ask you, the seller, to pay for shipping insurance. They will even send you an invoice to ease the payment process.

What are the most common Facebook Marketplace scams?

Selling items that don’t work One of the most popular Facebook Marketplace scams is selling an item that doesn’t work, according to Kelso. “This can happen especially when purchasing computers or other tech devices,” he says. The seller knows that the item is broken but hopes that you won’t check the item before handing over the money.

Are there fake sellers on Facebook Marketplace?

There are also a variety of Facebook Marketplace fake sellers. They might run the same types of scams as fake buyers that we mentioned above (shipping scams or robbery), or they might be selling bootleg items or items that don’t work or aren’t in the condition advertised.

Is Facebook Marketplace legit?

Facebook Marketplace has become one of the best places to find rental properties. Unfortunately, not all listings are legitimate. Scammers will post fake or misleading photos, change the rental price once you’ve committed, charge illegal fees for background checks, or even post rentals owned by other people.

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