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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of coagulation?

Examples of Coagulation Milk proteins coagulate to thicken the mixture that forms yogurt. Blood platelets coagulate blood to seal a wound. Pectin gels (coagulates) a jam. Gravy coagulates as it cools.

What is coagulation in cooking?

Coagulation in cooking happens when a liquid ingredient is either dramatically thickened or transformed entirely into a solid. This process can be achieved by the application of heat, such as cooked egg whites, or through the addition of thickening agents, such as adding cornstarch to broth to make gravy.

What is protein coagulation?

Protein: coagulation Coagulation is defined as the change in the structure of protein (from a liquid form to solid or a thicker liquid) brought about by heat, mechanical action or acids. Enzymes may also cause protein coagulation e.g. cheese making. How does it happen?

How does coagulation affect egg products?

Essentially, millions of protein molecules join in a three-dimensional network, or simply, they coagulate, causing the egg product to change from a liquid to a semisolid or solid. 7 Coagulation influences egg products’ ability to foam, seal, thicken and more.

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