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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will qualify for Euro 2021?

Group A – Group A looks like it will be one of the most competitive Euro 2021 groups of the tournament, and it is difficult to predict who will qualify. Italy, Turkey, Wales and Switzerland are all capable of qualifying, and although none of them are likely to be favourites to win the tournament, we expect each game to be closely contested.

Who won the 2021 UEFA European Championship?

European Championship One of the most prestigious soccer tournaments in the world crowned its latest champion: Italy won the 2021 UEFA European Championship, popularly known as the Euros or Euro 2021. It's the second Euro triumph for the Italians and first since 1968.

Who are the Euro 2020 Group A teams?

Euro 2020 Group A teams Group A consists of Turkey, Italy, Wales and Switzerland with their games set to be played in Rome and Baku. Italy were the highest seed drawn into the group, while Wales are the lowest after they qualified directly for the tournament by a single point.

How many venues are there in Euro 2021?

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the competition, the Euro 2021 tournament will be held at venues across Europe. Originally, twelve venues were selected from countries all over the continent, although that number has now been reduced to eleven venues.

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