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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ESBL stand for?

Extended spectrum beta-lactamases (or ESBLs for short) are a type of enzyme or chemical produced by some bacteria. ESBL enzymes cause some antibiotics not to work for treating bacterial infections.

How long to treat ESBL?

or meropenem 1 gram every 8 hours for the first 4 days of therapy. After 4 days treating physicians could either stop therapy, adjust therapy as they desired, or continue the study drug up to 14 days.

Does ESBL require contact isolation?

carrying ESBL-producing bacteria will no longer require isolation or Contact Precautions. You may know the ESBL status of patients who are already/currently flagged in the EPR system. Disregard the ESBL flags. Though they are present, these patients no longer require Contact Precautions within the WRHA.

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