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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print a pregnancy test coupon?

Free printable E.P.T. pregnancy test coupons you can print and use at your local grocery store for E.P.T. pregnancy tests and E.P.T. Preconception Health tests products! Just select your E.P.T. pregnancy test coupons to print, click the “Print Coupons” button, then redeem in store at your local supermarket to save $$$!

How do I contact EPT pregnancy test?

Call the toll-free number 1-800-378-1783 (1-800-EPT-1STEP). When can I use e.p.t Pregnancy Test? e.p.t Pregnancy Test can be used as soon as you miss your period and any day thereafter. If you prefer to test early, e.p.t Pregnancy Test can be used as soon as four days before you expect your period to start.

What is the difference between EPT and EPT pregnancy test?

First is the digital EPT Pregnancy Test which shows results like ‘Pregnant’ and ‘Not Pregnant.’ The second one is the conventional Early Pregnancy Test (EPT) with the hCG strip and the plus or minus symbolic result display. If you use the digital EPT Test, then you just need the Digital Early Pregnancy Test kit.

What is early pregnancy test?

Early Pregnancy Test is commonly known as the EPT Test. The EPT pregnancy test lives up to its name. So if you are looking for the right pregnancy test to decide whether you need a doctor’s appointment, EPT is the one you can rely upon. EPT Test is best known for its accuracy; it can detect pregnancy accurately five days earlier than other brands.

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