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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't sign in to my email?

Make sure you have an active internet connection. If you don’t, you won't be able to access your email.Check to see if you have messages in your outbox folder. If so, remove them and try to send a new message.Review common email error codes for steps to resolve them.Make sure you have the correct email client settings.

How do I sign into Windows account?

Open Settings.Click on Accounts.Click on You info.Click the Sign in with your Microsoft account instead link.Complete your sign-in information.Click Sign in.Type your current password.Click Next.Click the Set a PIN button, or the Skip this step link to complete the process.

How do I create an email account for free?

What to KnowGo to the sign-up screen and select Create free account. Then follow the instructions to set up an account.Subscribe to Microsoft 365 to unlock premium features including 1 TB of storage and a custom domain.Download the Microsoft Outlook desktop and mobile apps to sync your mail across all your devices.

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