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Frequently Asked Questions

When is England vs Germany?

England vs. Germany - 29 June 2021 - Soccerway.

Did Germany lose a knockout match to England?

Germany hadn’t lost a knockout match to England in a major international competition since the 1966 World Cup final, but second half goals from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane secured the home side a 2-0 win and passage through to the quarterfinals. For the neutral, it certainly wasn’t a thriller.

Who will England play in the last eight of the European Championship?

Match report as England end long wait for a major win over Germany at Wembley and book their place in the last eight of the European Championship, where they will meet Sweden or Ukraine Harry Kane celebrates after scoring England's second goal

Are the Germans the ultimate Turniermannschaft team?

Germany, in the English imagination, is ruthless and efficient and confident. The idea that the Germans are the ultimate Turniermannschaft — tournament team — has endured far longer in England than it has in Germany.

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