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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you block scam calls on T-Mobile?

Now, you can. T-Mobile customers can easily enable scam call blocking through T-Mobile’s Scam Shield app for iPhone and Android. The app has various other features, too—you can enable caller ID, view blocked calls, and automatically send certain types of calls (like telemarketing, political, survey, and charity calls) to voicemail.

What is the T-Mobile scam shield app?

The T-Mobile Scam Shield app lets you easily manage your free mobile scam protection tools from T-Mobile. You can activate Scam Block and Caller ID, see the calls T-Mobile has blocked on your behalf, mark favorites, and report likely scam calls. You can block some text messages using Message Blocking. What you can do

What are the new spam blocking apps for T-Mobile one?

Apps like Nomorobo and RoboKiller launched with in-app subscriptions that help automatically block spam callers. The fight against robocalls and spammers is one that both Apple and Google are actively engaged in alongside the FCC. Scam ID and Scam Block will begin rolling out to T-Mobile ONE customers first.

How do I Turn on scam ID and scam block?

Scam ID and Scam Block are free of charge with your T-Mobile postpaid plan. You can turn them on or off at any time. Scam ID is free and automatic for all T-Mobile customers; no action required. There are a number of ways to turn on Scam Block: Download the free Scam Shield app and toggle on Scam Block; Dial #662# from your T-Mobile device

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