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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AOL a good email service?

AOL is very good at things like a stable infrastructure and spam control, but they will shove any ad they can at you in order to get paid for the 'free' service. Another down side is that an AOL email account is kinda like living at your mom's house still.

How do you access AOL email?

Access AOL Email Account With Windows Mail Click on Menu > Tools > Account Settings Choose the Email and click on New, then select the server type POP3, IMAP or HTTP and click next. Now enter your Name which will appear as sender name, then enter your AOL Email address e.g. [email protected]

How do I open my AOL Mail?

AOL Mail Link. Open a Web browser and navigate to Click on the "Mail" icon, which will bring you to the sign-in page. Type your username and password into the appropriate fields and click “Sign in.”.

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