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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electronicore music?

Electronicore (also known as synthcore or trancecore) is fusion genre of metalcore with elements of various electronic music genres, often including trance, electronica, and dubstep. Notable artists of this genre have originated from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong and Japan.

What are the different types of electronic music genres?

However, the degree to which metalcore characteristics are incorporated may vary. In addition to electronica, the fusion may involve a variety of other electronic music genres, including techno, [14] [15] trance, [9] dubstep, [16] electro, [17] and dance. [13]

What are the characteristics of electronicore?

[10] Electronicore is characterized by typical metalcore instrumentation, breakdowns, and heavy use of sequencers, conventional instrument recorded-note samplers, electronic tone-generating synthesizers, auto-tuned singing, and screamed vocals.

What are the best metalcore/post-hardcore bands with electronic music?

Out of all bands that combine metalcore/post-hardcore with electronic music, these guys take the cake easily. "Murder Mitten" and "Calm Snow" are both killer tracks. The absolute best electronicore band, the perfect fusion of Metalcore/Post-Hardcore and EDM. Undoubtedly the best. Deserves to be no.1 I see stars is awesome! New experience

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