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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EIA and EIS?

eia is the process of examining whether a given project is likely to have impacts on the environment and eis is a report presented after undertaking an environmental impact study. First of all those who dont know EIS means Environmental Impact Statement and an EIA refers to Environmental Impact Assessment.

What does the name Eia mean?

The name Eia is believed to have originated as a latinisation of the Anglo-Saxon toponym eyai, which means "island", in reference to a marsh that once dominated the area. How to pronounce eia? How to say eia in sign language? The EIA data shows demand is being stimulated by lower oil prices.

What are the benefits of EIA processes?

Benefits of Environmental Impact Assessment. The main benefits of EIA process are: Improved project design / siting. More informed decision making with improved opportunities for public involvement in decision making. More environmentally sensitive decisions; Increased accountability and transparency during the development process;

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