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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact for an EdD claim?

If you’ve reached out to ABC10’s Dollars and Sense Team, we likely referred you to contact your lawmaker. This is our first suggestion because state representatives have caseworkers than can people with their EDD claims.

How to talk to someone with EDD disability?

Amazing job everyone! I called EDD disability 1 (800) 480-3287, Pressing 1 for English and then 3210…… after a few times it finally worked and waited only 3 minutes to talk to someone! It totally works!!!!!! 1-5-1-1-0!!!!

How do I contact the state disability insurance automated phone service?

And as long as you keep sharing it with your friends and loved ones, well keep doing it. You can call 1-855-342-3645, the State Disability Insurance automated phone service, for support related to Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave claims and general information. Before you call, please take time to review this information.

Are there any videos on how to contact Edd?

There are many videos from fellow claimants that provide tips and tricks on a range of topics, including how to resolve pending payments and phone tricks to reach a live EDD representative. ABC10 featured Ginny Silver, who provides consistent updates and tips related to the unemployment department on her channel.

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