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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the engineering material Finder tool?

This tool will help locate various materials necessary for engineering in Elite Dangerous. When searching for a specific material a list of systems where other commanders have found that material will be displayed, verifying for you that the material has been located in that system within the time period specified.

How do I use edengineer?

Launch the game in windowed mode, launch EDEngineer. Change the shortcut if ctrl+F10 does not suit you (right click the tasktray icon to do so). A transparent overlay that runs continuously and updates in real time what your ship holds (based on logs outputted by the game)

Is the engineering toolbox copyrighted or licensed?

The content in The Engineering ToolBox is copyrighted but can be used with NO WARRANTY or LIABILITY. Important information should always be double checked with alternative sources. All applicable national and local regulations and practices concerning this aspects must be strictly followed and adhered to.

What is ededengineer and how does it work?

EDEngineer is a Windows Application to track materials, data and cargo acquired in Elite Dangerous The application can be run as a standard window or as a semi-transparent overlay over the game. Access is via a hotkey and EDEngineer has the following headline features:

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