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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eastern Cape Rural Development Authority (ecrda)?

The ECRDA has a dedicated focus on formulating, promoting, and ensuring the implementation of a comprehensive Integrated rural development strategy for the Eastern Cape. ECRDA drives the implementation of catalytic high impact projects with the village being the centre of operation.

What does ecrda stand for?

The Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency (ECRDA) says a total of 140 agricultural and non-agricultural loans worth R4,7 million were disbursed to rural entrepreneurs... A group of stud breeders from Grahamstown, Alexandria and Southwell, Frontier Bonsmara have taken the bull by the horn and they are actively training about 30 emerging...

What is the ecrda vision?

The ECRDA vision serves to inspire the organisation to work tirelessly towards transformed rural areas that are socially and economically developed as well as establishing an institutional environment that is conducive to rural development.

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