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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EAMS mean?

EAMS better serves injured workers and employers by eliminating redundancy and creating efficiency in the workers' compensation court system. EAMS reduces environmental and physical stress associated with maintaining paper files and helps guide policy decisions to better distribute resources.

How do I file documents into EAMS?

There are three methods to file documents into EAMS: electronically with JET File or e-forms, or on paper with OCR forms. Review the electronic filing walkthrough video and other information to decide which electronic filing method to use

How do I access Weams public?

To use WEAMS Public, you must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 11.0) browser. Although all browsers are allowed to access WEAMS Public, other browsers have not been fully tested to certify compatibility. Click on the state initials in the map or the link below the map to view facilities in that state.

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