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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pfizer EHSMS framework?

The framework describes mandatory controls where there is potential for high consequence events and also presents risk control measures aligned with contemporary industry practices. Pfizer's Global EHS team are responsible for developing the standards and supporting implementation documents that are the key components of Pfizer’s EHSMS.

How can new patients access EAMS medicines in England?

For new patients wishing to access EAMS medicines in England, trusts must register patients on the NHS England web based registration system. Queries to NHS England regarding the scheme can be submitted to [email protected]

What is the corporate EHS policy at Pfizer?

Pfizer’s Corporate EHS Policy is positioned at the top of the structure. The policy establishes the company’s overall commitment to protect the health and safety of colleagues and protect the environment, while achieving high standards of Environmental, Health and Safety performance.

What are the Pfizer safety standards?

These Standards address key program areas across Pfizer businesses such as office safety, fleet operations, contractor safety and EHS risk from suppliers of materials and services.

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