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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup Yahoo Mail on Windows 10?

Click on “Advanced setup” when you get to choose your account step above.Enter your username as your full email address—for instance, [email protected] your email account password.Give your account a name. ...Pick a name you want to show up as where your emails are sent from. ...Add your account type and email server information. ...More items...

How do I sign up for Yahoo Messenger?

Sign up for a Yahoo accountGo to the Sign up page.Enter your info in the required fields.Click Continue and follow the onscreen prompts to verify your mobile phone number.

Does Yahoo have a messenger?

Yahoo launched its new version of Yahoo Messenger in December 2015 and phased out the original app in August 2016. Even with an updated look, modern design, and many new features, Yahoo Messenger has failed to make a mark due to the rise of other mobile-based messaging platforms. There are even more messaging platforms available to choose from.

How to go to chat room in Yahoo Messenger?

Logon to Windows 7 computer and open Yahoo! ...Click on Messenger menu and from the list go to Yahoo! ...From the appeared submenu click on Join a Room option.From the opened box in the left pane choose the category on which you want to discuss or find new friends and from the right pane choose the appropriate room ...More items...

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