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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mendeley Cite work with Microsoft Word?

It works with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Word versions 2016 and above and with the Microsoft Word app for iPad. To open the toolbar in Microsoft Word, click on the Mendeley Cite icon. Unsure which version of the Microsoft Word integration you have? Below is a screenshot of Mendeley Cite to help you identify what you're using.

Where is the Mendeley toolbar?

For some Mac users, depending on which version of Word you are using, you may not find the Mendeley toolbar underneath the 'References' menu. If you are not using Microsoft Word 2016, you will be able to find the Mendeley toolbar under View → Toolbars → Mendeley. For additional questions, see Mendeley's help page here.

How do I use the citation plug-in for Microsoft Word?

The first time you open your Mendeley desktop, you'll be prompted to log in. After you log in, you'll see a pop up box that gives you the option to install the Citation Plug-in for Microsoft Word. This will allow you to use your Mendeley library to create citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word.

How do I insert references and bibliographies into my document?

Seamlessly insert references and bibliographies into your document using our citation add-in for Microsoft Word. Look for Mendeley Cite in Microsoft's Add-In Store under Admin Managed. You can find the store by going to the “Insert” menu of Word 2016 and selecting the downward arrow next to Add-Ins.

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