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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 'Doomsday glacier' so dangerous?

It’s nicknamed “Doomsday Glacier” because it continues to melt underwater as the planet warms, and it has a high risk of collapse. If that happens, it could raise the global sea level by several feet, which could lead to widespread destruction of the coastlines.

Will Thwaites glacier collapse?

Last year, scientists warned that the ice shelf holding the massive, Florida-sized Thwaites Glacier in place could collapse within three to five years. Melting from the glacier is already responsible for about 4 percent of total annual global sea level rise.

Why is Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier so dangerous?

The Thwaites Glacier is nicknamed the "doomsday glacier" for its potential to rapidly raise sea levels if it were to melt Antarctic researchers have found it shrank at twice the speed previously thought possible at some point in the past 200 years

Is the glacier breaking apart?

What worries scientists is that leading edge of the huge glacier is breaking apart in many places. Even though total collapse of the glacier could take hundreds or thousands of years, the edge is falling apart much sooner. And if that goes, researchers fear nothing may stop the rest from doing the same.

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