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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to park at the Bronx Zoo?

The zoo offers several convenient parking structures, and the general parking rate is $17 (except for the Fountain Circle lot). Listed below are the official Bronx Zoo parking services with rates and additional info. The Southern Boulevard Parking Lot (C) accommodates both cars and buses.

Where can I Park at the zoo?

We have two main parking lots, one at Southern Boulevard and the other off the Bronx River Parkway. If our parking lots are filled to capacity, we recommend guests look for alternate parking, including nearby locations such as Fordham University. Please note, Member parking benefits do not apply offsite. Using a GPS unit to navigate to the zoo?

Does the Bronx River have a parking lot?

The Bronx River Parking Lot (B) offers a few parking areas; visitors may be directed to specific lot locations based on parking availability, construction work, or traffic patterns. This lot doesn’t accommodate oversized vehicles. The standard daily parking rate is $17.

Is Fordham University a good alternative to the Bronx Zoo?

Fordham University is within walking distance from the zoo and is a decent alternative to Bronx Zoo parking. Its indoor parking garage is safe and offers covered parking spots. The rate is between $15 and $20.

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