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Frequently Asked Questions

Do mod moderators get paid on Discord?

Moderators employed by Discord Inc. do get paid by Discord Inc. Called the Trust and Safety Team, they review more than 800 reports daily for violations of Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. How do I make someone a moderator on Discord? Why is Discord called Discord? What is the fastest way to level up in MEE6 on Discord?

What does a discord moderator do?

On Discord servers, this process is done by server mods. Apart from keeping the community happy by keeping it free of spam, profanity, and inappropriate content, Discord moderators are also responsible for deleting users who break the server rules. How much do Discord moderators get paid on Discord servers?

Can you get paid to be a moderator?

Even though you can get paid to answer questions people ask, you can also get paid to be a moderator. There are sometimes multiple answers to the same question, and it is possible for people to get into a discussion. You might be responsible for keeping track of what people say, making sure they follow the rules of the platform.

Does discord monitor private servers?

They can pull up logs of private servers and channels, and they can log in as a user to a private server if they wish, although Discord monitors admin actions and rogue admins have been terminated before. What is the difference between Discord and Twitch?

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