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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use DND dice roller?

To use DnD Dice Roller, you must first select the dice you want to use. You can choose from a variety of dice, including standard six-sided dice, eight-sided dice, ten-sided dice, twelve-sided dice, and twenty-sided dice. Once you’ve selected the dice you want to use, you can roll them all at once by clicking the “Roll” button.

What is the best dice roller app?

It fits in your hand, There is a glut of different dice roller apps on iOS and Android, though one of the most popular is RPG Simple Dice (Android only), which has a basic layout of DND dice and an easy way to up the quantity or add modifiers along the bottom of the screen. There’s a ‘History’ tab to log your past rolls too.

How do I Reset my custom dice?

Click the blue "+" buttons to roll a custom number of custom dice Click "Reset" to quickly reset modifier, advantage, attribute, and bonus Click "Mods & Notes" to view and edit your modifiers, and take notes during your campaign Click "History" to view your roll history, clear it, and download it

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