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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the D&D 5e Druid multiclassing guide?

D&D 5e Druid multiclassing guide featured image is a combination of art from Wizards of the Coast in the Monster Manual and Guildemasters’ Guide to Ravnica. This article contains affiliate links that add gold to our coffers. Welcome to Flutes’ exhaustive guide for D&D 5e Druid multiclassing character concepts.

What are Druid multiclass concepts?

Some Druid multiclass concepts involve Druid as the primary class with the majority of the levels. Other concepts will include the Druid as a secondary class with the minority of level investment. The secondary class may be referred to as a “dip” into that class if the concept only needs 1-3 levels in the second class.

What level do druids get their subclass?

Druids get their subclass and Wild Shape at level two. This timing is better than many martial classes who receive their subclasses at level three, but it’s not as good as Clerics and Warlocks who get subclasses at level one. Getting one Druid level will really only net you spellcasting perks, but two levels will make things interesting.

Why should I multiclass in 5e?

From our How to Multiclass in 5e article: We recommend multiclassing for these three reasons: to pick up armor proficiencies, to gain low-level class skills, or to fit a specific character archetype. So let’s begin.

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