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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the distributors and stockists in Kolkata (Calcutta)?

Distributors and Stockists in Kolkata (Calcutta) 1 M P S Distributors Pvt Ltd 2 Harsh Enterprise 3 Auto Distributors Limited 4 Paras Cosmetic Centre 5 Daga Mill Stores 6 R M Coomar & Son 7 Eden Distributors Private Limited 8 Associated Engineers 9 Jalandistributors 10 J K Distributor More items...

What are the best small business ideas in Kolkata?

Here are the best small business ideas in Kolkata. 1. Open a Bengali Sweets Store Bengali sweets are famous worldwide, but most people have never tasted an authentic Bengali sweet or been to Kolkata. You can take advantage of this fact and deliver these delicacies to their homes directly, through an online store.

What are the best FMCG distributors in Kolkata?

Here we have the list of the best FMCG distributors in Kolkata: 1. Keventer Known as one of east India’s largest FMCG distributors, Keventer has its headquarters in Kolkata. They mainly handle packaged, dairy, and fresh food products. Along with its brand products, they also handle Parle Agro beverages and Metro ice creams.

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