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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 17 distributorship opportunities in India?

Top 17 Distributorship Opportunities in India 1. Apparel and textile Distribution Business. This is a lucrative segment which is made for the entrepreneurs who are... 2. Agricultural Equipment distribution. Agriculture equipment is a segment which has very huge potential in the business... 3. Arts ...

How to start a distribution business in India?

Here, we list the steps to follow to start a successful distribution business in India. 1. Choose Product 2. Contact Suppliers 3. Set up Work Place 4. Name your Business 5. Find Franchisor 6.

What is medicine distribution business in India?

In the country India, medicine distribution is a sector which is highly lucrative. Apart from the medicines in this business, you can also try to consider different type of products such as the beauty products, energy drinks, personal care, nutrient, supplements etc. 17. Mineral Water Distribution Business

What are the franchise and distribution opportunities available in India?

There are many franchise and distribution opportunities available in India. #2. Automobile Distribution Business Interest in car parts is driven by the age and mileage of vehicles. People normally use vehicles for a longer period of time.

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