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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between distributor wanted and distributor partner?

For example, distributor wanted for food products is very different than distributors for electronic products. Hence, the partner is appointed for the long term, in a segment, and for a product range. You delegate us the work to appoint a distributor in India and we will get you the distributors wanted for youe business.

What makes a good distributor?

Sales competence: A good distributor will have a strong sales force. Evaluate them on the size of their sales team (both inside and outside sales), how they generate leads, and overall sales vs. sales team size. Marketing capabilities: Ask how the distributor markets its business to prospective retailers.

How to find wholesalers and distributors?

You’ll usually find wholesalers and distributors covering your industry at the top of the search results. Get in touch with them and ask about their requirements, terms, and results. Lastly, you can always turn to social media — Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, etc. — to find distributors.

What is the value of a distributor?

For retailers, the value is clear. Dealing with a distributor saves them from the burden of product selection and negotiating with dozens of manufacturers. In many cases, distributors will also take back unsold products, extend credit, and help retailers sell more.

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