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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘dispatches from elsewhere’ about?

Richard E. Grant, right, and Sally Field in “Dispatches From Elsewhere,” a new TV series inspired by an “alternative reality game” called the Jejune Institute. But Segel grimaces a bit as he remembers the next part. “And then as I’m walking out, the bartender is like, ‘Wait a minute. I’ve seen you naked in the movies.’”

Is dispatch an anthology or a limited series?

Tonight’s finale seems like a natural conclusion to the series. But at the same time, Dispatches has been couched as an anthology, which could lend itself to new characters and storylines. SEGEL: Yeah, it can be either an anthology or a limited [series], depending on how we decide to proceed.

Is Jason Segel in AMC's 'dispatches from elsewhere' series?

"AMC Orders Jason Segel Anthology Series 'Dispatches From Elsewhere' ". TheWrap. Retrieved July 28, 2018. ^ Schwartz, Ryan (July 28, 2018). "Jason Segel to Star in, Create AMC Anthology Dispatches From Elsewhere". TVLine. Retrieved July 28, 2018. ^ a b Gray, Ellen (February 25, 2020).

What does Jason learn in dispatches from elsewhere?

Following confrontations with Simone and the boy in makeup (i.e., his younger self), Jason learns to take responsibility for his life, his choices and his pain, channeling the new perspective into a script called Dispatches from Elsewhere.

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