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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dispatches by Michael Herr?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dispatches is a New Journalism book by Michael Herr that describes the author's experiences in Vietnam as a war correspondent for Esquire magazine.

What makes dispatches so special?

From its terrifying opening pages to its final eloquent words, Dispatches makes us see, in unforgettable and unflinching detail, the chaos and fervor of the war and the surreal insanity of life in that singular combat zone.

What is the meaning of dispatch?

The act of sending off, as to a specific destination. 2. Dismissal or rejection of something regarded as unimportant or unworthy of consideration: "[his] breezy dispatch of another Establishment fiction writer" (Christopher Hitchens). 3. The act of putting to death.

How do I receive my dispatch?

Receive your dispatch via mobile app, text message or by phone call – all with no effort whatsoever from your dispatch center. Now see your members moving on the map to the station or scene during emergency calls.

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