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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DirecTV stream worth it?

DIRECTV STREAM is pricer, but it may be worth the cost DIRECTV STREAM and YouTube TV begin at reasonable prices ($64.99-$69.99/mo.) that won’t make you feel as though you are being fleeced out of your money for no content. Both services don’t employ the hidden cost game to get more money out of you.

Does DirecTV stream offer local channels?

All DIRECTV STREAM plans offer the same set of local channels, including CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, The CW, and Telemundo. They also offer a national Univision feed. Live local channels are available only in certain markets.

Does DirecTV stream have a trial period?

Officially, DirecTV Stream doesn’t have a free trial, although it does offer a no-questions-asked full refund to anybody who cancels their subscription in the first 14 days of service. Since this is a refund rather than a trial, you’ll still have to pay upfront when you register.

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