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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my DirecTV Guide read 'to be announced'?

If your Directv receiver says " to be announced" in the on-screen guide, you've likely navigated out beyond the two week acquisition time frame. The only other explanation could be that you have navigated to a channel which does not have any programming scheduled at this time.

What are the basic channels on DirecTV?

As of 2015, DirecTV's basic package features 130 channels, including A&E, CMT, Cartoon Network, FX and MTV in both HD and standard definition.

How do you watch DirecTV on your computer?

Visit the DIRECTV Player website (link in Resources) and click the type of content you want to watch. Click Movies or TV Shows to watch on-demand content. Click Guide to watch live TV. If you don't see these options listed, select Watch DIRECTV to load the Entertainment menu.

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