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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic channels on DirecTV?

As of 2015, DirecTV's basic package features 130 channels, including A&E, CMT, Cartoon Network, FX and MTV in both HD and standard definition.

What channels does DirecTV offer?

DIRECTV offers premium channels from SHOWTIME, HBO, STARZ and Cinemax, as well as adult entertainment, Dog TV, AUDIENCE and more.

How do you get local channels on DirecTV?

To check the local channels available in your area, use DirecTV's Local Channels Lookup tool (see Resources) in which you can type in your Zip code and get a list of the available stations and numbers. These will usually have numbers in the single and double digits.

What channel is Current TV on DirecTV?

On the DirecTV Channel listing, you will be able to find Current TV at Channel #358. DIRECTV does not offer this channel in HD (High Definition). If you are thinking of getting this channel, you should be aware that it is only available in the Choice, Choice Extra, Choice Ultimate and Premier packages. Current TV is a unique network as it is geared specifically to the 18-34 year old audience.

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