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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of UDP over TCP?

Advantages of UDP : i. Broadcast and multicast transmission are available with UDP which is not the case with TCP. ii. It doesn't restrict to a connection based communication model, so startup latency in distributed applications is much lower, as is operating system overhead FAST.

Is TCP faster than UDP?

There is no sequencing of data in UDP. If the order is required, it has to be managed by the application layer. TCP is comparatively slower than UDP. UDP is faster, simpler, and more efficient than TCP. Retransmission of lost packets is possible in TCP, but not in UDP.

Which is the faster protocal either UDP or TCP?

Which is Faster – TCP or UDP? In general, UDP is the faster protocol. UDP is much simpler, and doesn't try to establish a connection between devices before sending data, or verify that all the data even arrived.

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