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What is the winning percentage of the 2021 Arizona Diamondbacks?

- Frank Robinson in The Sporting News (September 11, 1995) The 2021 Arizona Diamondbacks (click team name for complete roster) home / road splits for the regular season were 32-49 (0.395 winning percentage) at home and 20-61 (0.247 winning percentage) away. Did you know that the 2021 Arizona Diamondbacks were 3-24 in June?

What if Cal Ripken had one day off for the Diamondbacks?

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive team schedule for the 2021 Arizona Diamondbacks with dates for every game played, opponents faced, a final score, and a cumulative record for the 2021 season. "What people don't understand is, one day off for Cal Ripken would not recharge his batteries. One day would not do it.

How many games will the Red Sox play in 2021?

The team will play spring training games and 162 regular-season games on the 2021 schedule. The season begins in April and ends in September with a majority of the games scheduled for the spring and summer months. We will break down the season opponents, game dates and game times.

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