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Frequently Asked Questions

What is STAGO Sta C?

Schedule a consultation Have One To Sell? Made by well respected French manufacturer Diagnostica Stago, the Stago STA C is a robust and practical benchtop coagulation system boasting 19 assays and maximum throughput of 100 tests per hour. Coagulation analysis detects abnormalities in the components required to complete normal blood clotting.

What's new in the STAGO Max generation analyser family?

The Stago Max Generation analyser family continues to advance with the launch of the STA Compact Max 3, offering significant performance improvements and adding the Expert Pre-analytical Check (EPC) module.

How reliable is STAGO's coagulation detection system?

Thanks to Stago’s unique Viscosity-Based (mechanical) Detection System, present on all our systems, the reliability of results is ensured, as measurements are unaffected by optical interferences, whilst also offering the maximum sensitivity to weak clots.

What is the Sta compact Max?

The STA Compact Max is a fully automated benchtop analyzer built on the most reliable platform in the industry. With an expansive test menu, the Compact Max is a robust, high-efficiency analyzer with enhanced throughput making it the perfect system offering for mid-sized laboratories.

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